Electronic Blanks is a patented, highly effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly training system that realistically simulates the firing of ammunition with recoil, sound and muzzle flash.


  • Environmentally Friendly
    „Green Product“ with no post-training clean-up or disposal required
  • Realistic Training
    No additional equipment or safety constraints
  • Minimal Running Costs
    One time investment, very low in-service running costs, typical breakeven after first year
  • Unlimited Use
    A magazine has a lifespan of an estimated 150,000 rounds

  • Time Saving
    No filling up magazines and collecting empty shell cases
  • HSE Friendly
    No pyrotechnics, combustible materials or harmful objects are needed
  • No Weapon Wear
    Minimal cleaning effort and no wear & tear compared to blank and live firing
  • Reduced Logistics
    Minimal logistic support needed with no safety constraints regarding transport and storage.

E-blanks Introduction Video